Valero Wellness joins health and wellness mix at Lakeshore Oasis Town Centre

Dr. Meighan Valero, N.D., chose Lakeshore Oasis as the site of her new Valero Wellness Centre because of the mix of health and wellness practitioners already within the development.

The Naturopathic Doctor specializes in working with cancer patients, and has need of many out-of-the-ordinary features for treatments such as infrared sauna therapy, intravenous injections, peat baths, colon hydrotherapy and massage rooms.

Dr. Valero chose Rosati for her design-build needs, and appreciated the willingness of the Rosati team to listen to her requirements and come up with creative, workable solutions.

“Rosati has been a tremendous help. I’m so happy I went this way, It was just so easy. Other people have to be on top
of their builders, but it’s pretty much been the opposite with Rosati. They’ve been great at keeping on top of things and meeting the timelines.”

Dr. Meighan Valero, N.D.